NMP Archaeological Research Team

NMP Archaeological Research Team
  • Archaeological Team Leader : Coordination of the overall archaeological project.
  • Assitant (Outdoor Work) : On-site test pit excavation, manpower allocation, progress control, etc.
  • Assitant (Indoor Work) : Providing logistic support for field work; cleaning, organizing and cataloguing specimens.
  • Note-taker and Surveyor : An on-site note-taker responsible for surveying and drawing sidewall priofiles and plans of test pits.
  • Excavation Assistant : Responsible for controlling the progress of specified test pits and staff allocation.
  • Excavation Staff : The front line worker for excavation.
  • Specimen Conservator : The staff member who restores damaged specimens.
  • Specimen Photographer : The staff member who performs digital photography of specimens.
  • Specimen Cleaner and Organizer : The staff member who cleans and organizes specimens.
  • Specimen Cataloger : Responsible fo detailed documentation of specimen information including dimensions, weight, and location of specimens.